Thursday, May 31, 2012


 The shutter speed was set on a slow setting so that the surroundings would be blurred to attract attention to the subjects of the mom and son in the center.
This frame shows the relationship of what could be, the opportunity and perhaps the potential of what will happen.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fine Art

 This picture is kind of the typical fine art.  The rule of thirds is being shown as well as using black and white to give the photo a different appearance.  The tail going into the light catches the viewers eye.
The angle this frame is tilted at forces the viewer's eye to be draw to the hand touching the cat.  One askew photo in a bunch gives a offset look which catches the onlooker's attention.

Public Service Announcement

This photo incorporates fine art into the advertisement, the black and white gives a strong contrast, but a soft feeling to the photo.  The concentration of the cat's eyes gives a sharp and direct line to the hand.
This photo has a simple background which contributes to the relationship that is apparent in the right hand side of the frame.  "Scruffles" and Corey Robicheau have been friends for about 5 months.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


This picture shows the pure love to and from both animals.  The rule of thirds is being shown because the focus of the picture is where the dog and cat's faces meet.  Because the subjects fill most of the frame it pushes it from just a pretty picture to a portrait.  "Willy" the dog and "Scruffles" the cat have been best friends for 11 years.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Is The Obvious Photo?

For this photo, the relationship is being shown through the submission of the horse.  The foreheads of both the human and horse show the bond and personality of them. Emma Farrington and "Buzz" have been together for about 6 months.
 This photo is the ultimate "relationship with an animal" photo.  The ears on the horse are pointed forward, meaning that she is interested in what is going on.  The black and white gives a certain softness to the frame.  Hayley Hudson and "Truly Scrumptious" have been together 2 years.
Because both subjects are looking in the same direction the relationship is proven through personifying the horse.  The girl's hand grabbing the halter is almost a protective gesture.  The color and contrast of the light almost washes out the features, but it also gives the relationship an impersonal feel, showing that it can be between any two creatures.  Rylee Lewis and "Esme" have been together about 3 weeks.

Friday, October 14, 2011


This photo shows so much enjoyment for life.  Even though the subject is not totally a silhouette the dark body against the white sky makes the focus show even more.


 I like this picture because the sun is off center.  This was our first assignment and I was trying to get a clean composition and background as well as having foreground.
 This portrait shows framing.  The subject is also the middle of the photo, and the two subjects that aren't in focus add to the foreground.
 The lines in this photo draws you eye to the top of the hand, which also where the light is.  The arm coming in from the top right hand corner leads the viewer's focus point to the hand as well.
 This portrait shows the rule of thirds, the clean background draws the focus strait to the subject.  Putting her in the left side of the photo also helps show her surroundings and the viewer a better look into her personality.
 This frame has a strong foreground and a contributing background.  The bulletin board is the subject, but the person who is out of focus helps the photo show that it is a school environment.  
The clean background and dominating foreground helps draw focus to where the camera was pointed.  The shiny metal reflects some of the surroundings, which also draws the viewer's eye.